Proof of Attendance

If you are attending a GEW event for one of your classes, you’ll need to register to provide your professor with proof of attendance. Each year, the student who registers for and attends the most GEW events will receive a reward. A random drawing will be held in the event of a tie.

You can register your attendance through the use of QR codes.

Getting Started

If you don’t have a QR code reader on your smartphone, be sure to download one before attending your first GEW event. Any QR code reader will work, even the free ones. If you don’t already have one, search “QR Code Reader” in your device’s app store. “QR Code Reader” by Scan, Inc., is recommended but not required to scan the QR code.

  • Step 1: Install QR code reader
  • Step 2: Open QR code reader
  • Step 3: Scan QR code

The QR code can be found throughout the room at the GEW event you’re attending!

  • Step 4: Fill out information

Select the appropriate information from the drop-down boxes in the questionnaire. When prompted to enter your information, make sure to include your Penn State email address and the event code. If you do not have a Penn State User ID (e.g., abc123), please enter your email address.

NOTE: Please remember to scan the code during the event as that information is on a time stamp and will only be counted for credit during that allotted time.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If the website is not connecting once you scan the code, please ensure that you have an active Internet connection (wireless or 4G).
  • If you’re unable to download a QR code reader or unable to scan the code, navigate to the form by
  • If you’re unable to submit the form, please ensure all required fields are filled out appropriately.

If all else fails, please see a student volunteer ambassador who will be able to assist.